Hip hip hooray for Autastic Avenues! Angus has been using the strategies he learned in the workshop here at home lately. Thank you, ladies, for bringing your wonderful wealth of knowledge out of the school and making it available to the kids whose schools haven’t been blessed with a creative and knowledgeable Exceptional Education team like yours. Bravo!

-Holly Brown

I am thrilled to offer my support for Robin and Tracy’s new venture. Robin has worked with my son as a speech therapist for three years, and he has made remarkable gains in social skills and pragmatic language development under her guidance. We have known Tracy just as long. She brings to the table a wealth of experience with children on the autism spectrum and is an enthusiastic problem solver, encourager, and confidence builder. These two women are smart, kind, approachable, and dedicated. Autastic Avenues is a welcome addition in Richmond, and we look forward to the future with Robin and Tracy.

-Dr. Karen Singleton

Autastic Avenues has been our family’s greatest resource since our son’s autism diagnosis, which sent us on that dizzying search through medical and therapy providers, support groups, and resources.  First, I can’t say enough good things about the talented, kind, and experienced crew, with backgrounds in ASHA-certified speech therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA therapy (among other things), who run the excellent weekly social group.  My son looks forward to attending each week, and he is showing great progress in his abilities to interact socially, as well as increased self-confidence.  As a practical matter, the group is also very affordably priced (in contrast to what I hear from parents whose children attend similar groups in other areas).  That said, Autastic Avenues isn’t just a weekly social group – they also generously provided advice on working with my son’s school to ensure appropriate educational accommodations.  This was a fairly challenging process in our case, and Autastic Avenues contributed timely and invaluable help through each step.  We are very grateful to have found them and look forward to continuing to build skills, knowledge, understanding, connections, and friendships in the years to come.
-Jennifer L.


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Who We Are

Robin McCallister is an ASHA certified speech/language pathologist.

Tracy Scott is trained in ABA with experience creating and managing early childhood ABA home programs.
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