Cooking Class







Autastic Avenues will soon be offering a cooking class for teens.

Cooking and sharing a meal is a great way to develop social executive functioning skills such as:
Time Management
Sustaining Effort
Decision Making
Problem solving

Space will be limited to 6 participants. If you are interested in details, contact us.













Get Ready to Rock!

Autastic Avenues, LLC and The Reach Program at Peak Experiences Indoor Climbing Center are collaborating to offer a “hang out with benefits”. Starting February 10, 2017, Autastic Avenues will form a new social skills group for tweens and teens that will meet at Peak Experiences in Midlothian. Young people with social challenges can come together on Friday evenings to practice social skills and, well, hang. The sessions will begin with instruction on social thinking concepts, followed by climbing, facilitated by the skilled staff of Peak Experiences. Next, kids will regroup for pizza and feedback.

Why is Peak Experiences the perfect place for this group? Kids with social challenges need a “real world” place and activity in which to practice what they are learning. All Staff who work with the Reach program receive additional training outside of standard gym staff training. They learn about autism and how it manifests itself so that they can be attentive to the needs of these individuals. Peak is a community founded on inclusion and a desire to make sure everyone feels welcome within our gym. So, even the folks who don’t work with the program directly, are sure to be helpful and friendly people.

Climbing teaches:

• Critical problem solving skills
• Smart decision making
• Thinking for yourself
• Discipline and focus
• Perseverance
• Bravery – bravery is the reward for taking a chance and escaping the dreaded comfort zone.
• Resilience
• Motor planning

Climbing builds strength and increases fitness.

Contact Autastic Avenues at 804 301 8428 or for details.






We believe in the ability of the brain to change its structure and function based on sensory input and experience or “neuroplasticity”. Adding Integrated Listening Systems programs as a therapeutic enhancement  to speech/language therapy  sessions and multi sensory reading tutoring helps with auditory processing, speech of processing, focus and concentration.












Looking for a specialized reading tutor for the summer?



Robin is trained in the Orton Gillingham multi sensory approach and the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech.  Contact us for more information.